• A unique product that has no analogues in the Ukrainian market.
  • Taste to any meat: poultry (chicken, turkey), pork, beef.
  • Universal way of use: you can fry in a pan, cook in a microwave, bake in the oven, fry on an open flame.
  • Seasonings can be used throughout the year during the preparation of any meat in any way.
  • Spices will give the dishes a rich, bright taste without unnecessary effort, because orange juice, smoked tomatoes, Sichuan peppers are already in the package. You only need to add your favorite meat, use one of the recipes on the back of the package and enjoy the rich and vibrant taste of your dish.
  • 100% natural product without dyes, without flavor enhancers. Only spices that have passed 7 degrees of cleaning and comply with EU standards.